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Entrepreneur / Photographer / Writer

As a freelance professional photographer, I’m working on a content creation for the marketing campaigns. I directed myself to Food photography, Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, also Travel, Portraits photography, and I enjoy doing photography through interesting lectures and seminars.

“Photography is a combination of light, time, space and matter,
and where are the emotions, people, experiences, thoughts, feelings, situations, circumstances, objects… – Leon Bijelic

When I’m not photographing, I’m still working on some other interesting projects. All from the personal development, online marketing, observing and studying the perspective through which my soul act and create, to capture life experiences and write thoughts and ideas in my books.

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Who am I realy?

As an entrepreneur, I love to find and discover big opportunities in little things. Circumstances, situations or “mistakes”. I’m founder of “BB Company” together with my brother Filip. We are working with first of all, great friends, then responsible and professional people and we all share one thought: “Work until we don’t have to introduce ourself, then work x5 harder”. How to make something from nothing, I think this sentence best describes me in this field 

As a photographerI try to use advantage of the circumstances in which I find myself and using light and my playful imagination capture and stop a moment in time. The best way to do this is through photography which is very important part of my life. I really enjoy in every project, every photo session, every event, every seminar, every everything… First, because of great, wise, smart, intelligent, cheerful, kind, interesting, funny, special, amazing people which I meet, work with and surrounded by. Second, because of awesome, magic, beautiful, unforgettable thoughts, feelings, memories, emotions and experience. Third, because of…. And so on 🙂 I’m working for everyone like I’m working for myself. “What I gave I receive” – This quote best describes my approach and method of work as a photographer.

As a writer there is no more satisfaction and fulfilment for me than playing and dancing in harmony with rhythm of words. I started writing 6 years ago and I’m really thankful for every day ahead, because I know one thing for sure, one day words from my books will be prayers for prayer, consolation for the mourners, save for the strayed, embrace for the rejected, love for unloved, liberation for closed, realization for the unrealized, joy for the sad, truth for created, hope for losted, purity for the dirty, goodness for the badly, peace for the nervous, calm for the disquiet, connection for the separated, life for the died, happiness for unhappiness, health for sickness, cure for disease, faith for the unfaithful, strength for the weak, the will for listless…

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