Workshops are trainings and photo workshops organized by the photographer Leon Bijelić. They are held once or twice a year in different cities often with various successful photographers. Look at the experiences from the last workshop in Belgrade: here

Do you want your photos to be recognizable? To make other people and clients thrilled? To build your own recognizable style using photo editing? Do not know how to improve and speed up the process of photo editing in Lightroom & Photoshop?


What can you learn?

New techniques of shooting

How to edit images

How to build up your style

How to brend yourself and your work

How to setup your price

How to increase sales of your services and products




How to positively influence yourself and others

How to figure out what we want …

How to think as a winner and how to become one

How to turn fail to success

how to transfer your wishes into actions


Do you want your photos to be recognizable?
To make other people and clients thrilled?

To build your own recognizable style using photo editing? Do not know how to improve and speed up the process of photo editing in Lightroom & Photoshop?

We provide online (skype) education on photo editing and it is always adapted to your desires, knowledge and experience. In order to make it easier for you to make up your mind, we do an initial (free) 15 mintue-long training to get to know each other, talk and go through some important elements of editing (through lightroom) of one of your photos.


1 TO 1

Private Lessons (1 to 1) are usually the best and fastest way to solve some dilemmas or issues, to get practical, real and valuable information that will contribute to the improvement of you and your works probably more than you can think and expect.

Education is carried out live or online (Skype) depending on what you want to find out, achieve, learn. If you have any questions, please send a message via: Contact Form and I will be happy to answer.

You will change

  Your useless beliefs.
  Relations with your clients and friends.
  Attitude to what you do and what you are engaged in.
  You will acquire new and better knowledge.
  You will change the way you communicate, negotiate and sale services

You will get

  New knowledge necessary to achieve success.
  New skills and strategies for better results.
  Unlimited self-confidence.
  Immense motivation and inspiration.
  Different solutions for different problems.

You will get all the tools and guidelines that will ensure a happy, healthy and successful life.


 I carry out group or 1 to 1 education in different cities and countries:

It does not matter where you are, how old you are, what equipment you work with and how experienced you are. If you have a desire for knowledge, a desire to improve your business or to make your wishes and intentions come true in photography, then I have the desire and the will to work with you. You are my motivation and inspiration.

 The education consist of two parts: theoretical and practial:

The theoretical part consists of interesting presentations that deal with photography itself, work with models and clients, communication, different aspects of photography, good and bad experiences, marketing, branding, pricing, customer service, positioning on the market, photography as a profitable business …

We often do the theoretical part via skype (if we are not able to do it in person).

The practical part consists of taking pictures and photo editing. Photography is organized depending on your interest and the aspect you choose to improve. Together, we go through all aspects of the work itself, starting with the camera adjusting, communication with a client before and during the shooting, working with natural light and lighting, finding a good frame … and all the way to photo editing…

                  We can also edit photos via Skype (if we are not able to do it in person).

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

For all who want to improve their photographic skills, knowledge and abbilities.

  • Education is adapted for:
    • Begginers (without or with experience)
    • Mediate level (2-3 years of experience)
    • Advanced level (3-5 years of experience)
    • Professionals (6+ years of experience)

Price is adjusted to your preferences, requirements and needs. Send a message via: Contact Form and you can expect a reply within 24-48h



All aspects of business (communication, marketing, sales …). Taking pictures (adjusting the camera, lighting, exposure) and photo editing (LR & PS) for the selected area of photography.


In addition to 1 – to – 1 education, I also do group education. The minimum number of participants is 2 and maximum is 5. For this type of education the content is adjusted to the group’s needs, requirements and desires.

Prices for group education:

2 participants: € 399 per person / one day / 8h of work
3-5 participants: € 299 per person / one day / 8h of work
– The price does not include accommodation and transportation costs

A certificate is obtained by attending one of the photo workshops or group education that lasts min. 3 days

The education ends whenever you decide. Some people need private classes for only 1-2 hours, and some need more time (2, 3, 5 days) everything depends on the individual.

The price is from 50 – 100 € and that depends on what we do. Business consulting (communication, branding, marketing, sales) or education in photography or photo editing.

Personal, Bank account, PayPal… As we agreed.

6 Reasons for attending training


Dates of training

Suggest two different dates in two different months. We will strive to coordinate our activities and obligations and organize training in an ideal period.

Task list

Together, we can make a list of tasks for everything that is most important to go through during the training, which will bring the best possible results and solve your concerns and problems.

Choose a location

Suggest locations in your city or a special city or an exotic place that you definitely want to visit and maybe we can organize private or group photo education there.

Days of training

Training usually lasts about 7-8 hours a day with one long and a few short breaks. Training can last one or more days, it depends mostly on the individual (experiences, desires and goals).

Gift voucher

After completing 1- to -1 or group training, you will receive a voucher for free download of a set of LR presets from


Belgrade, Serbia & Banja Luka, BiH


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