Project Description



Helena Topalovic / Mistery Shoes = Moderna ženska obuća. Photo Session & Cinemagraphs by professional photographer: Leon Bijelic

Model: Helena Topalovic / @helena_topalovic
Client: Mistery Shoes / @mistery_shoes
Location: Hotel Metropol PalaceThe Twenty Two Restaurant & Bar
Leon Bijelic / @leonbijelic


Mistery Shoes = Modern Women’s Shoes, online shop for Serbia, Montenegro and BIH. All models can be viewed and contacted via their instagram: @mistery_shoes. Photos were made for marketing and promotion on Facebook & Instagram. Photo Session & Cinemagraphs by professional photographer: Leon Bijelic.

Helena Topalović, was born on June 5, 1997 in Nova Varoš where she spent her childhood in a family home. In the period of detachment, Helena often liked to spend time in Niksic, the birthplace of her mother Vesna.

According to Helen’s father Milan Topalovic, a well-known and highly successful woman, but also to the words of many people who are close to Helen’s family, Helena inherited her luxurious and unusual laziness from her mother Vesna.

In her parents, Helena has always found unlimited support, although her father has never been thrilled to be exposed to the public’s interest. Namely, in a time when Helen’s articles began to count on numerous magazines, Helena was often in conflict with her father for this fact. However, when she expressed herself the desire to work in the future for the job, Helena came to her father’s understanding and support.

In support of Helen’s desire to engage in public affairs, supported by her father, enough to say that she recently appeared in his video. Namely, at the end of 2016, Milan Topalović Topalko shot a spot for the song “Love Therapy”, and as his main actor of the scene, his daughter Helena Topalović was presented to the audience.

Last year, Helena became a student of the Faculty of Business and Industrial Management, and her great desire is to become one of the seventh force one day and continue to be engaged in filming music videos. If she realized her dream of becoming a journalist, Helena would do her first interview with her father, Milan Topalović Topalko, as she promised.