When a road takes you to Hamburg

– How did you go there?
– By bus.
– Well, man, a plane is twenty times faster. Why didn’t you go by plane?

– It is interesting for me to travel long. The longer I travel, the dearer I find the arrival; and on the bus, I was playing, I wrote a few songs, read a book and took a nap when I felt like napping. I was looking at the roads and thinking about them – how many dreams they had connected, how many friendships they had built, how many times they had been trampled, how many times they had got wet and if anyone had ever thanked them for that.

I listened to the people around me and I was sorry to see them so nervous, anxious and angry. People are usually angry and unhappy because they pay too much attention to things they cannot change; but a wind of joy swirled in me and I let it take my gaze and I lent it my breath. Even though I was sitting by the window, I was looking into the distance, travelled towards it and was not able to catch it. The distance always slipped away. It is a real enigma. Every time you think you’ve arrived, it makes you look even further and see that you’re not even close. Therefore, I do not run off into the distance, because I certainly cannot catch it.

Here are a few sentences that I found on the road, took out of my pocket, stole from the clouds, borrowed from time:

“A smile is a guideline to happiness”

“He who solves problems in silence is free of apologies that should have been said if he had spoken”

“A grateful man always needs little.”

“Confusion is a set of different feelings, different thoughts and different energy at the same time.”

“Wherever a man goes, he cannot go away from himself.”

“Sunrise is the most beautiful mirror of our soul.”

Once in Hamburg, I immediately set to find the sound of birds’ twitter. I love to listen to their songs without words, just a melody that fulfills you. I was looking for someone else to whom they were singin their songs, but I could not have found anyone for a long time. Sometimes I think they sing just for me. Soon my friends came for me, and the next ten days of my stay in Hamburg left a wonderful memory and a lot of beautiful moments planted in the garden of the mind. I want to use this opportunity to thank them for everything! THANK YOU!

There are many moments that I’d like to share with you, but this is a short blog about that trip. It can be called part I. If I feel the need to write parts II, III and more, I will write them and I hope you will enjoy them, as I hope you have enjoyed this one. I was engaged in “Food photography” for “Rio the Grillbar” restaurant so maybe you get hungry watching the photos.