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With its height of over 220 meters is the tallest pyramid in the World. It has regular pyramid geometry with three preserved sides: north, east and west. It is coated by rectangular blocks. According to the Institutes for materials from Bosnia-Herzegovina (2006-2008) and Politecnico di Torino from Italy (2009.) blocks are made from the best quality concrete material superior to modern concretes.

According to the State Institute for Geodesy (2006) northern side perfectly matches the Cosmic North with the error of less than one degree. Slope of the pyramid sides to the base is at the 45 degrees. German geophysicists confirmed in 2007 existence of the inner passageways using geo-radar instruments. Croatian physicists detected (2010) existence of the energy beam coming through the top of the pyramid with the radius of 4,5 meters. Italian and Finish experts detected (2011) ultrasound phenomenon on the rop of the pyramid as well.

Shadow of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun covers Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon during the summer months just before the sunset showing clear astronomical relationship between two pyramids. This pyramid is covered by soil and vegetation like hundreds pyramids in China, Mexico or Guatemala. According to the Federal Institute of Pedology layers of soil that cover the pyramid is approx. 12.000 years old. It makes this pyramid oldest pyramid on the Planet. Tens of thousands of tourists from all over the World are attracted by the pyramid discovery and its energy and spiritual properties.



This is unique Park that combines archaeological activities, energy phenomena measurements (electromagnetism, orgon/life energy, electrical fields, ultrasound), love for nature, art and energy of stones, recreational activities, organic plants, spiral botanical garden with healing plants, sacred geometry stone installations, energy platforms for yoga, meditation and relaxation, stone labyrints…

Shortly, soul food.

Park programs offer vision of physically, mentally and spiritually filled life. They naturally add to different aspects of the Bosnian Pyramid project: archaeological, inter-disciplinary scientific, energy, spiritual and self-healing dimensions.

Park owners are Sabina and Sam Semir Osmanagich, who have given it for free to the “Archaeological park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation to run it for the next 100 years. This way visitors from Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina and whole World will find a beautiful anti-stress oasis.

England has a megalithic circle of Stonehenge,  Peru mysterious energy  of Machu Picchu, Egypt magnificent pyramids , Turkey prehistoric Capaddochia tunnels and Mexico spiritual pyramids in Teotihuacan. These are the attractions that millions of visitors, researchers, Spirituals and media have visited.

Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina has it all and more. Besides the largest and oldest pyramid of the world, Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, there is a mysterious prehistoric complex of tunnels beneath the pyramids where is present electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionized energy with healing properties.

Opening of the “Archaeological and tourist park RAVNE  2” in June 2016 adopted a series of new facilities  that will become a magnet for visitors in the years ahead. “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” is placed on 40,000 sq.m., where we have transformed neglected wetland with wild dumps in a beautiful natural environment, the forest with parks, where there is peace and tranquility and where we can easily establish a deep connection with nature.

World prehistoric opens before the eyes of the curious, and the park provides sanctuary to all those who want education on ancient phenomena or simply relax in a family environment. The location of the park is ideal: located next to the entrance to the underground labyrinth Ravne and provides additional content to stay in the heart of Bosnia.

Archaeological and tourist park “RAVNE  2 “is open every day from 9:00 am to sunset. We are a member of the International Organization of amusement parks IAAPA.



Huge network of underground tunnels, intersections, chambers and water accumulations was constructed under the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. Discovery of the labyrinth was predicted by discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids dr.sci. Semir Osmanagic in his book in October 2005. He based it on similar cases in Egypt, China and Mexico. Until then, narrow entrance and one tunnel were considered a “natural cave”.

Persistently working, Foundation has proved the existence of complex labyrinth tens of kilometers long. Distance from the entrance to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is 2,9 km. Two cultural layers are visible: original builders of the labyrinth more than 12.000 years ago (at the same time they were the pyramid builders) and civilization who sealed off the tunnels and chambers 5.000 years ago. During the labyrinth building, thousands of tons of conglomerate material were moved out. It was later used as a construction material for concrete to coat the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

There is no negative radiations in the labyrinth: cosmic (Hartman’s, Curry’s, Schneider’s grids), natural radioactivity or negative energy from underground waters. Therefore, it represents one of the most secure locations on the Planet used for health protection. Foundation has been cleaning and securing by wooden support existing pre-historical tunnels that lead toward the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (southeast direction).

Air circulation is perfect and it allows normal breathing all the way. It was made possible by different ceiling heights that caused different air pressure pushing the air as a natural fan. Slope is at the 1,5 degree that was same slope we use today for the fine water drainage. Negative ions concentration is dozens of time higher than average. It would make atmosphere clean of bacteria and viruses which would explain benefits to the human bodies inside this complex.

A brief explanation of how air quality is assessed – In Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

There are positive (bad) and negative (good) jones in the air.

Negative ions clean air from dust, spores, molds and pollen by bonding to them and then falling under the weight instead of hovering in the air, and we can no longer breathe them and get elergic reactions. The higher concentration of negative ions is in the forests, on the mountains, by the sea and by waterfalls.

Negative ions destroy bacteria, vitalize our cells, increase oxygen capacity in the blood, improve metabolism, increase concentration and vigilance, eliminate fatigue, increase resistance to disease, and exert superior influence on headaches, insomnia, jail, allergies, asthma and many other problems ..

Measurements of negative ions concentration in different places (number of negative ions per centimeter cubic)

Small rooms with many electronics (offices) – 25 – 100
Highways —————– 100-150
Town streets ————– 250 – 450
Village ——————– 800 – 1.800
The coast is far from the city ———- 2100 – 2800
High mountains with many forests ——— 5,000 – 7,200
The Labyrinth “Ravne” below the Pyramid —— 10,000 – 20,000
Waterfalls —————— 20,000 – 50,000


Dr. Sam Osmanagich had great presentation of his investigation of the pyramids around the world and Bosnian Pyramid discovery that has become the most active archaeological site in the world. He was present scientific, energy, spiritual and healing aspect of the pyramid energy. Physicist Nassim Haramein was speaking on a range of topics from his investigations of ancient cultures and artifacts to his most recent, soon to be published, papers on physics and biophysics.

“For curious people and for those who are not, visiting Valley of the Pyramids in Bosnia can be extraordinary and really unique experience. Not just because the locations has so many interesting things to obeserve, see and touch, but also because the walking through tunnels is actually walking through the most healthy, safe and secure space on the Planet Earth. There are no negative radiation in the labyrinth: cosmic (Hartman’s, Kiriya and Snajder’s), natural radioactivity or negative energy from underground water streams. That’s why this site is one of the safest and the healthiest on the planet.” – Leon Bijelic




By: Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.

There are hundreds of testimonies about the beneficial effects of visiting the prehistoric Underground Labyrinth Ravne, which have been carefully recorded and documented by the “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation. In terms of the human health, the Foundation is aware that these are delicate and sensitive situations. However, it’s decided to share these testimonials with the public, with their consent, because the energy of the pyramids might help other people as well.

During the eleven years of the persistent, systematic, interdisciplinary scientific approach, the Foundation teams have pioneered in the science of the pyramids on the global scale. Firstly, they’ve proved that in the heart of Bosnia there is the greatest and the oldest pyramidal complex constructed in the world. Further on, the expert teams on the energy phenomena (physicists, electrical and communication engineers, sound engineers) have confirmed that the pyramid is, in fact, a giant energy amplifier (intensifier) producing various types of the energy.

The application of these energies is performed on several levels: (1) in the long-distance communication through the scalar waves emitted at the top of the pyramid, (2) the protection of the most important thing for us, our health, by generation of the best electromagnetism, the levitating ultrasound frequency (28 kHz), and the maintenance of the Planet’s natural frequency – Schumann’s Resonance (7, 83 Hz). In addition, the energy of pyramids affects also (3) the refinement of the molecular structure of the water and (4) food, (5) the betterment of the human immune system, (6) the enhancement of the bioenergetic field (aura), (7) the better balance of the energy of the chakras, (8) the improvement of the mental and spiritual side, etc.

Therefore, the revolutionary conclusion of the exploration of the pyramids in Visoko is that the purpose of the pyramids is not to represent the tomb for a dead human body, king or pharaoh, in fact, they were built for the communities of living people, intended to last for thousands of years. Of course, the orthodox scientists are hard in accepting the change of the scientific paradigm. If they don’t understand something (or don’t want to understand) then they are attack and mocking. But, the time will come when all explorers of the pyramids in the world will follow the footprints of the exploration of the Bosnian Pyramids.

The Underground Labyrinth Ravne was constructed 30,000 years ago as an integral part of the pyramid complex in Visoko. It spreads on ten kilometers, and up to this moment, the Foundation has cleaned and suspended over 1,950 meters. The high presence of the pyramid energy is recorded inside the tunnels, as well as many other factors which contribute to its beneficial effect, such as:

–    The high concentration of the negative ions for which it’s medically proved to have the beneficial effect on the health because they clean the atmosphere from the dust, they raise the oxygen level in the blood and lower the number of viruses and bacteria. The negative ion concentration is one hundred times higher than in the cities, and ten times higher than, for example, in the forest of the Igman Mountain near Sarajevo, which is usually taken as the reference of the healthy environment;

–    The absence of the natural radioactivity, the values are ten times lower than the minimal values allowed,

–    The absence of the negative cosmic radiation

–    The absence of the mobile phone signal (harmful frequency of 0, 85 GHz, which is all around us)

–    The absence of the Internet Wi-Fi signal (harmful frequency of 3 GHz or 4 GHz, which is ever-present)

–    The absence of the geopathogenic radiations (strategically placed ceramic blocks in the tunnels neutralizes the negative energy of the underground waters and Hartmann’s Crossings).

When visiting the tunnels, the cells in our organism don’t have the external enemies and become able to begin their “job” – solving the problems inside the body. The regeneration process begins, i.e. the individual self-healing process.

The Foundation has financed the implementation of the medicinal pilot study. The results were very positive; the laboratory test showed the deceleration of the erythrocyte sedimentation on almost every person tested after one visit only, which indicates that the processes of improvement of the immune system and prevention of the infection development commenced almost momentarily.

The Italian Doctor Simone Zoccarato, after taking the tests on the living blood of the tunnel visitors in September 2017, using the dark microscope, has brought the following conclusion:

“We’ve applied the Live Blood Test (LBT) to see if the tunnels have any biological effect on the human metabolism. The general results are (1) the unusual increase of the numbers and the activity of the white blood cells, as well as (2) the enormous increase of the body tissue detoxification”.

The Underground Labyrinth Ravne and the archaeological sites at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun are open for the public visit during all 365 days a year.

Notice: The Foundation doesn’t deal with healing treatments. The Foundation doesn’t give any medicinal guarantees. The Foundation doesn’t claim that the visits to the pyramids and tunnels are the substitution for the regular medicinal therapies and drugs. The visit to the tunnels is done on the personal responsibility of the individual. The Foundation deals with scientific-archaeological research of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, but it publishes the individual testimonies of the visitors.


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