Nature has given many good things to all visitors of the planet Earth and constantly keep giving and giving…

This is at least what I can give back on behalf of all of us – the inhabitants of this wonderful planet ? , therefore I dedicate those photographs to the nature.

I’m sure everyone will enjoy in this unique and colorful gallery ? ? ☀️ ? ? ?



?Photo by: @leonbijelic
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I made these photographs during my travel through europe and different cities: Banja Luka, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Copenhagen…

Beside my other projects I was really enjoying in walking through nature and parks and I was just amazed by breathing that wonderful spring time.

Honestly, above all, spring is one unusual, one magical and one special state of nature and time. In other words Spring is miracle.

No one should walk through life without being aware of the beauty in surrounding, from colorful flowers to green wealth of all trees.


Green color, is a color of a fourth chakra, heart chakra which is called: “Anahata”. Whether we know it or not, our heart fills and feeds just from this color.

Not just our hearts but the whole organism and the whole body. Green color is color of calmness, and also represents peace, happiness and joy.

Harmony and balance between our mental, emotional and physical energies, because of that our Planet Earth is so green…

Green is optimistic color – Simbolise: hope, forgiveness, calmness, wealth, health, playfulness, warmness, stability, purity, empathy…


You can use these thoughts – afirmations for hearth chakra activation

Place yourself comfortably and allow yourself to breathe.

  • The calmness now enters me
  • I feel calmness, love and goodness
  • I’m in wonderful and peaceful silence
  • My celestial body is now lighter and quieter
  • All my muscles are now light and relaxed
  • I love myself and I love others.
  • It is wonderful to be calm and filled with love
  • I freely and easily provide and receive love.
  • I am worthy of love and joy
  • There is an infinite source of love in me
  • I live in harmony with others.
  • I completely forgive others and myself for anything unfavorable and for all mistakes
  • In my heart now has been awakened calmness, happiness and joy


To purge your heart chakra or to activate it you can use the law of sound – the Solfeggio frequency – 639Hz

Solfeggio frequencies are miraculous, healing and positive frequencies.

The sound is a wave – a vibration. Listening to these vibrations – 639Hz, you activate the states:

  • Wonderful calmness and relief
  • Divine relaxation and ease
  • You develop tolerance, love and understanding
  • Provide faster and easier healing and repair of cells
  • Significantly calm down and also purify your mind
  • Reduce tension and stress

It is best to use headphones and adjust the volume of the sound to your hearing and feeling.

After that “sound meditation” you will surely feel different – better.

Please, write in comments your experiences.