Falkensteiner Hotel & Resort / Massimo Balia / Sardinia Taste / Belgrade

In the restaurant of the Falkensteiner Hotel, from 18 to 21 April 2018, guests could enjoy Sardinia special cuisine prepared by Chef Massimo Balia and live Italian music, as well as real Italian ice cream that was prepared by the famous Marco Serra from Torino – who has been awarded several awards internationally acknowledgments, praise and rewards for their extraordinary ice cream. 

Marco Serra is a ice-cream specialist from Turin. He participates in all stages of preparation. Finds original raw materials. It creates new tastes mixing the ingredients… For his best ice creams he combines traditional knowledge with new variations.

Massimo Balia – Chef, born in Sardinia, where he still lives. The motto of this boss is: “People in Sardinia live longer because they eat better”. The Sardinians have a saying – ‘A chent’ annos’ – which would mean: We want you to experience the old age! Massimo is a local gastronomic star. His way is typical Mediterranean and Sardinian cuisine is based on simple ingredients and a part of the legacy of several thousand years.