Is this for me, us, her, him?

Photo session is the ideal occasion for you as a unique person with interesting thoughts, innovative ideas, powerful message, beautiful wishes, extraordinary dreams, visions, high goals… Are you awesome blogger, amazing musician, great model, unique chef, popular actor, successful entrepreneur, famous writer, remarkable sportsman, unique scientist, or maybe a archaeologist, meditation master or something completely different like a couple or family profoundly in love and want to celebrate your connection and happiness on the really interesting and funny way. 

At the same time, it is an opportunity to create story telling images featuring you in the insanely attractive, amazing, beautiful and remarkable way with nice and the unforgettable memories and experience. Through photos you can share with family, friends, actually with the whole world what you do, how you live, what you love, why is something important for you, why you are so successful, fulfilment, happy, satisfied, what makes you YOU!

This is what I do

Portraits & Lifestyle

Sexy & Glamour


First of all be sure that my personality and my method of work suits you. You can expect from me cheerful patience during the entire process. From the first contact through the preparation, talk, taking photos, until the final delivery of your photos. My passion for photography makes it feel not like a job but like a lot of fun. I know that every person is special and unique, so every person deserves more than just attention and I’m working for everybody like I’m working for myself. “What I gave I receive” – This quote best describes my approach and method of work. Oh, and I like to meet new interesting people and make amazing photos !!

We can spend so much time communicating, that there is no wonder we end up becoming friends. Actually that happens with everybody I photograph. You always have me to rely on, to answer your questions and give you suggestions, talk about what you want and need to perfectly prepare photo session.

How will the photos be edited?

Post-production will be applied on every photo delivered. This involves contrast enhancing, colors improvement, composition correction, retouching and that personal touch specific to my style and method.

I’m editing all images with a joy and number of fully retouch images depends on the chosen package.

That is like you are buying a car without one wheel. Editing process is an important part of photo session and it is included in the price. If you really want photos without editing and special post production, that is fine. You would get chosen photos in RAW format, but you need to pay 20% more on the price.

Of course you can! After we finished photo shoot, we can transfer all photos on laptop and chose photos you like the most. I will gladly help with selection.

All the edited pictures from your photo session will be delivered through one elegant online gallery that you can share with your friends, family or clients f you wish to print the photos (which I highly encourage you to do so), I can upload them in high resolution and send a download link to you. Even better, you can order prints, canvases, amazing photo books and other keepsakes directly from me and have them delivered to your door. If you want more information about printing send message and I will answer you in a couple of hours

If you want to keep your photos in a privacy, you need to pay an additional 30% to the total price. Posting photos online is a form of advertising and showing my work to other people (potential clients).

I always try to complete all of the photos and submit them through the longest seven days, a lot depends on the chosen package. It may be that we do photographs from a project for which I am engaged or business trip, but that does not mean you’ll get photos for 15-20 days, but only a few days (3-4) longer.

We highly recommend colorful attire as strong colors look great in photos. But if black is your thing, then keep it elegant. Formal outfit can be interesting but not required. However“Dress to impress“I also love to say: “Wear what brings the best, fulfilled, satisfied feeling to you.”

If you want to spice things up and add variety to your photographs, then I recommend one outfit per location. If we work at only one place, then I recommend you make a number of different clothing combinations, and I will give my best to every photo is interesting and different.

Everywhere, if you are shy or if you are not hiding weapons, bombs or something 🙂 It really depends on the location, but I guess you can use a car, a restaurant or a hotel toilet nearby.

The inspiration process is the last step in our preparation process. This where I will ask you to make favourite collection of my pictures that you like the most and pictures from other places. After that, we will talk about them until we get great ideas and visions for photo session.

I understand that everyone is different and that although you like my style, you want your photos to be unique and matter to you as a model, chef, blogger, sportsman, actor, writer, couple, family… Some of us like more the dramatic – moody pictures, someone with soft and gentle mode and colors, with mystical, attractive and unusual look, while some people are fans of fun and crazy photos. Whatever your taste is, I’m flexible and will work together to get the photos you want.

What will you get?

  • Professional photographer

  • As a magnet for happiness

  • International rewarded

  • Experience of seven years

  • High-value equipment

  • Unique perspective

  • Amazing photos

  • What you like the most

  • Pleasant experience

  • New friend

  • Great memories

  • Best image quality

Choose a package that best suits your needs and wishes 



40 images
  • 12 full retouching
  • 1 location
  • 1 cloth combination
  • 2 hour session
  • Elegante online gallery
  • Advance post-procesing
  • Images in digital format (jpg)
  • 5-7 days to finish


80 images
  • 22 full retouching
  • 2 location
  • 2-3 cloth combinations
  • 4-5 hour session
  • Elegente online gallery
  • All from SILVER with color corrections
  • Color and black and white version
  • 2 big and 2 small printed images in a frame
  • Mini book with 30 printed photos
  • 8-10 days to finish


150 images
  • 36+ full retouching
  • 3 location
  • 4-5 cloth combinations
  • 6-8 hour session
  • Elegente online gallery
  • All from GOLD with special effects
  • Color and black and white version
  • 2 big and 2 small printed images in a frame
  • Luxury book with 50 printed photos
  • 13-15 days to finish

That is awesome I want to book you!

You like my photos and you are wondering if I am available for the dates you are interesting, send us a message and we will answer you in a couple of hours. 

Once we confirmed my availability and we decide on a spot and other things together, your next step will be to pay a deposit of 20% of the amount of the photo session. We use a very simple and secure payment process so that you can focus on planning other things and be sure that we will have a great time on photo shoot.

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