Leon Bijelic Photography

Standard questions

 Who can we thank for referring you?
Type of session & dates desired?
Tell us about your session goals?
What would you like from the outcome of your session?
Check as many that apply.

Why do you think I can do very well this project?

 $ 5000 – 7000
 $ 7000+


Licensing and Rights-Management

How long does the client want to license the artwork for?
– One month? One year? Two years? Five years? In perpetuity?

In what context is the artwork going to be used?
– Do they have the rights to use it on anything? In print only? Web only? Broadcast? Tattooed on their faces?

If the job is reprinted, will there be an additional fee for a reprint?

Do they want an unlimited license or do they need to own the rights?

Are these rights transferrable if the company is sold?

What kind of company is it?