Project Description

Twenty Two

Restaurant on the rooftop of Hotel Metropol Palace

Amazing restaurant on the rooftop in the most luxury and amazing Hotel in Belgrade. Hotel Metropol Palace.

In a middle of a city with such a pleasure and extraordinary look from really unique and modern restaurant like Twenty two is.

PHOTO BY: LEON BIJELIC / Insta: @leonbijelic



Capture magical moments and explore Belgrade, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, from the distinctly cosmopolitan Metropol Palace. Originally designed as the venue for a global conference in 1961, the hotel today blends the era’s international architectural and interior style with contemporary luxury.

Metropol Palace’s truly magnificent central setting next to the grand Tašmajdan park invites you to explore Belgrade’s many monuments, palaces, theatres and museums rich with indigenous and international cultural gems, all within a short stroll from the hotel.

Positioned in the middle of the Bulevar kralja Aleksandra (formerly Bulevar Revuclije), one of the longest and most important streets in Belgrade, Metropol Palace truly is in the heart of Belgrade, well connected with all the city’s transportation hubs.